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Free and online 3D Bathroom plan software
Design your own bathroom !

3D Ideas for domestic or modern bathroom
View a realistic 3D 5m2 bathroom designed on Kozikaza

Kozikaza assist you for your bathroom project and offers you a free online 3D bathroom plan software, easy to use.

Indeed, renove his bathroom during a renovation or design a bathroom as part of a construction is not always easy. Small tip: making a 3D bathroom plan with a bathroom simulator can be very useful for optimizing space and better projecting you.

Our architects have developed a complete free 3D bathroom design that allows you to create your custom bathroom with three main steps: imagine, build and decorate.

  Create a 3D bathroom plan

100% Free - 100% online

3D ideas of beige and wood bathroom
View a realistic 3D bathroom with a shower and a bath designed on Kozikaza

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Tothe layout of yourBathroom

Represent your room and keep in mind the layout of your bathroom and your constraints: shape, surface, doors, windows, attic room … Then develop it thanks to our large catalog of 3D objects and floor coverings and walls.

Our bathroom configurator allows you to answer all your questions about bathroom creation or bathroom renovation by designing a plan: what color? shower or bath? single or double washbasin? what storage furniture? a towel dryer? New decoration? Thanks to the 3D plan, you will make the right choices to optimize the space.

Design your 3D bathroom? Whether it's a small bathroom, as part of a master bedroom or a sub-slope room: With Kozikaza 3D modeling software, it's a breeze!

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Ideas of 3D trend bathroom
Aperçu d’un rendu réaliste de salle de bain 3D avec wc fait sur Kozikaza

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  Create a 3D bathroom plan

100% Free - 100% online

The different step to create your bathroom plan with our 3D architecture software

  1. Step 1 : Design your 2D bathroom
    Step 1 : Design your 2D bathroom
    Design your room :

    To begin, design your walls and add the doors, windows, and others constraints

  2. Step 2 : Layout your 3D bathroom
    Step 2 : Layout your 3D bathroom
    Layout with your main equipments:

    Place your bath, your shower, your shower tray, your washbasin

  3. Step 3 : Layout your 3D bathroom
    Step 3 : Layout your 3D bathroom
    Layout with your secondary equipment :

    Place your bathroom furnitures, radiators, your hot water tank…

  4. Step 4 : Decorate your bathroom
    Step 4 : Decorate your bathroom
    Decorate your room :

    Add your flooring and wall cladding : painting, earthenware, bathroom floor tile… and realize your layout

  5. Step 5 : Accessorize your bathroom
    Step 5 : Accessorize your bathroom
    Accessorize with decoration :

    Add the final touch to your room with the interior design

  6. New 
    Step 6 : Visit your 3D bathroom
    Step 6 : Visit your 3D bathroom
    Visit your bathroom :

    Enter your virtual bathroom with the 360° view and the different HD… and admire your future inside !

  7. Step 7 : Estimate your bathroom price
    Step 7 : Estimate your bathroom price
    Estimate your bathroom project cost :

    get a price quote of your project with the Kozikaza shopping list

  8. A new performant and realistic 3D plan tool

      Create a
    3D bathroom

Examples of bathroom plans designed by our architects

3d bathroom plan of 4m2 with a shower

Marie Architect at Kozikaza

Find in this bathroom, a large Italian-style shower with a low profile shower tray and a large wash basin topped by a large mirror serving as additional storage space. Green and wood tones add to windows overlooking outside will make this small bathroom a zen and sleek room, filled with natural light.

Examples of zen and wood 3D bathroom plan
3D plan preview of a 4m2 and zen bathroom designed on Kozikaza

3D plan of 5m2 bathroom with a bath

Jeremy Architect at Kozikaza

This bathroom in length with black and wood tones has been designed for a family : we can find a corner bath in the back with a shower wall to take shower, add to a large worktop with double wash basin and lots of storage space. The large window bring plenty of light in this modern bathroom.

3D template plan for modern black and wood bathroom
Preview of a moderne bathroom 3D plan designed on Kozikaza
  1. Pataclem

    The space optimization was important for us during our small bathroom project layout. We want a bathroom with a bath and that is not easy in confined space. The 3D conception tool was very helpful to layout the room, for decoration and the color choice.

  2. Vauban

    We used the 3D bathroom design software to help us homestage a bathroom a bit old. We took the opportunity to review the layout of the room to think it more convenient and incorporate a design bath, a shower and a suspended toilet in it. The 3D software is easy to use, super for our bathroom design!

  3. Mathieu

    Following the expansion of our family and the desire to have a parental bedroom, we design a bathroom plan on the 3D bathroom simulator with a objective of saving space. By redrafting this plan, we were able to project ourselves into our future extension and that even gave us ideas: suspended furniture, bathroom cabinet, spa bath.

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